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Dingo TX425 Wide Track Length: 92", Width: 41", Hinge Pin Height: 65.8", Dump Height: 46.1", Lift Cap: 535lbs, Weight: 2186lbs, 25HP Gas Engine Dingo TX425
Dingo TX1000 Wide Track Length: 100.7", Width: 41", Hinge Pin Height: 81", Dump Height: 61", Lift Cap: 1073lbs, Weight: 2790lbs, 24.9HP Diesel Engine Dingo TX1000
Ditch Witch SK 800 Height: 57", Length: 105", Width: 42", Weight: 2920lbs, 25HP Diesel Engine Ditchwitch SK800
Cat 249 Track Loader 67 HP Diesel Engine, Operating Weight: 7685lbs, Length: 127.3", Height: 80.3", Maximum Dump Height: 118.2" Cat Track Loader
Takeuchi TL6R Track Loadr Weight: 7780lbs, Operating Cap: 1841lbs, Backup Camera Takeuchi TL6R
John Deere 317G Track Machine Weight: 8195lbs, Dump Height: 95.6", Lift Cap: 2125lbs, Tip Weight: 6070lbs John Deere 317G
Deere 318E Wheeled Loader Weight: 7000lbs, Dump Clearance at Full Height, Discharge: 95.7", 63HP Deere 318E
Kubota SSV65 Skid Steer 64HP Diesel Engine, Operational Weight: 7055lbs, AC Kubota SSV65
SVL65 Kubota Track Machine Weight: 8300lbs, Rated Operating Cap at 50% Tip: 3000lbs, Height: 80", Width: 65", Bucket: 72", Length: 136", Dump Height: 118.5" Kubota SVL65
Kubota SVL95 Track Loader Call for info Kubota SVL95
Cat 906H Wheeled Loader Call for info Cat 906
Cat IT14 Wheeled Loader Call for info Cat IT14
Cat 924H Wheeled Loader Call for info Cat 924H
John Deere 544K Loader Call for info Deere 544K
Kubota BX23 Mini Backhoe Wheelbase: 4.6', 22HP Diesel Engine, Operating Weight: 1521lbs Kubota BX23
Deere 17G Excavator Weight: 3790lbs, Max Depth: 7'2", Max Reach: 12'6" Deere 17G
Deere 27D Excavator Weight: 6358lbs, Max Depth: 8'6", Max Reach: 15'4" Deere 27D
Kubota KX033 Excavator Weight: 8000lbs, Max Depth: 10'5", Max Reach: 15'1", Width: 61", Height: 99" Kubota KX033
Deere 50G Excavator Weight: 10560lbs, Max Depth: 11'7", Max Reach: 19'7" Deere 50G
Kubota KX-057 Excavator Weight: 26700lbs, Max Dig Depth: 12.69ft, 48HP Diesel Engine, Width: 77 inches, Length: 18ft KX057